In the rapidly-changing healthcare economy, ISSAC's VŌRis providing critically-needed Advanced Analytics and insights into the mass quantity of complex data gathered every day. The health community needs a new a significant paradigm shift to garner more insight from bioscience and healthcare data. A total re-engineering of our U.S. healthcare system and its data analytic processes is inevitable and already underway. Our nation is already spending more on healthcare as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than any other country, while at the same time, offering poorer healthcare for our citizens than is available in many other countries.  

The ability to treat and cure more diseases must be cost-effectively fast-tracked. The North American Clinical Data Analytics solutions market is estimated to grow past the $3 billion mark by the end of 2016. This regional market has a share of more than 55% globally and accounts for 40% of the clinical research trials worldwide, with the U.S. remaining the major market for these solutions in North America (according to the latest Mordor Intelligence LLP report).

blend empirical evidence and expert beliefs into new hypotheses for these clinical trials and other experimental treatments that ultimately will improve bioscience and healthcare. Traditional trial and experimental research techniques rely heavily on empirical evidence (which may or may not be statistically significant) and on clinician expertise and intuition. The expertise and intuition of clinicians are not readily captured in any usable format beyond interpretation by other professionals via academic and scholarly journal articles.

This leads to a severe scalability and knowledge retention problem in bioscience and healthcare. A tremendous amount of knowledge and art (the ability to formulate hypotheses based on expert knowledge and “hunches”) is only available to individual clinicians. Until now, there was no way to corporately share belief and intuition, nor was there a way to retain those intangibles when a clinician no longer practices.


Leveraging VŌR™ ISSAC blends both empirical data and the intuition of scientist to discover relationship hidden deep within the dark data and helps to reduce the uncertainty associated with sparse data.  ISSAC technology provides an innovative approach to 1) capture and fuse both empirical evidence and “belief” information (journal articles, doctor notes, etc.) into a common knowledge base which can be harnessed and augmented by clinicians the world over; 2) leverage the relationships between knowledge items (empirical and beliefs alike) to identify and propose hypotheses for research and testing that are focused and fill important gaps in the corpus of bioscience knowledge and specific domain research; and 3) provide common, collaborative analytics for data mining and decision making for a diverse set of clinicians. 

ISSAC current customers in include:

  • Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
  • Translational Genomic Research Institute
  • The Gates Foundation 
The following link to the British Journal of Cancer describes the findings for a collaborative data analytics effort with the Mayo Clinic, TGen and other respected industry leaders. ISSAC supported this ​effort leveraging VŌR™ for data fusion and advanced analytics.  Clinical study of genomic drivers in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

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