ENERGY Innovation  

An estimated 3,200 utilities make up the U.S. electrical grid, the largest machine in the world. Demands on our rapidly-changing U.S. energy infrastructure and our natural/renewable resources requires the new look at how these energy sources are optimized and managed. The current power infrastructure is not only aging, but also expanding with the introduction of micro- and smart-grids that are generating more and more unused Dark Data.

ISSAC is leveraging VŌR™ to create tailored products to improve the efficiency of energy consumption.  The two primary products.  The first is for monitoring and profiling energy consumption within a facility, allowing modifications to operating procedures, design of a more efficient energy solution and validate, justify and analyze the value of replacing infrastructure components (installing LED lighting) and modifying operational procedures to avoid peak power consumption.  The second is an advanced power control module used to optimized the generation, consumption, storage and potential resell of power using an integrated solution of terrestrial grid, renewable energy and battery storage/management.   ISSAC technology and expertise provides significant opportunities for energy providers and transmission operators to develop new processes; optimize and balance the loads and the power generation capacity to avoid faults and outages; and anticipate and prescribe courses of action for dealing with both natural and man made assaults on power infrastructure.

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